Kindle Scout Campaign: Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies

Want to get a free copy of my newest book, Sugar, and Spice and All Those Lies? Go to Kindle Scout and click “Nominate me” If Kindle Press publishes the book, they will send a copy to everyone who nominated it.

This Kindle Scout campaign will run until November 4, 2017. If you want more opportunities to win a prize associated with this campaign, hop over to and enter the giveaway the site is running for the book. On offer is a Kindle Fire.

If you want to participate in the process of “growing” this book, then come and join the Facebook group Sugar, Spice, Lies here.

What do I mean by “growing” the book?

I’ve written the book, sent it to a veteran book editor for a manuscript review, and a copy editor to comb through for grammatical mistakes. That, to me, constitutes the birth of every book. But a book is not a full-blown book until someone else reads it. The more readers the better.

Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies would obviously not be every reader’s cup of tea. If you prefer fantasy or Stephen King, for example, you may hate this book. It won’t appeal to quite a lot of romance genre readers, either—those uncomfortable with emotional angst in the romance A love story is a major element in this book, but at its core is the personal growth of the heroine, Gina.

I write about a woman’s growth and inner journey as she falls in love. Yes, there is romance in that. But you’ll also find doubts and heartaches and, most important, growth. Love means learning about yourself. It also means learning to think about another person beyond yourself. That will all happen if you are in love, and not just in lust.

In Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies, the heroine is a young woman born to poor parents. As in my previous books, the heroine has a passion. For Gina, it’s cooking. She turns to it, both for fulfillment and as a refuge in her downtrodden moments. Check it out.

If you like this kind of stories, you’ll find like-minded people at this Facebook group. Come and join us.

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