Free Ebooks In Exchange For Sharing

This is a great time to be a reader!

So many books can be had without the need to pay for them. Except, maybe, at the expense of a little of your time. A relatively new website, Bookgrabbr, offers readers free previews or free ebooks in exchange for sharing the book on the readers’ social media.

This sounds like a fair exchange—fair to both readers who would usually need to buy a book. And fair to authors who spend months, even years, to produce books worthy of a reader’s precious time.


Ancient Books, Genoa
Ancient Books, Genoa

Both fiction and nonfiction books are available. As are many classics in the public domain. Fiction genres listed are romance, drama, and science fiction and fantasy. As of today, I counted ten categories of nonfiction. As the site grows, we can expect the listings, and maybe the categories, to increase as well.

The site is worth checking out, if you enjoy reading for entertainment or need some how-to or informative books.

What reader doesn’t want free books, after all? I know I do. In fact, before buying any book, I google search it first to see if I can get it for free somewhere. In this glutted market, I’d venture to say that all authors offer free books at some point. Even the popular ones. I’m also enough of a cheapskate that if I find that buying a used copy of the book costs less than the ebook, I’ll spring for the used copy.

But FREE is still the most satisfying find. Especially when the book turns out to be a worthwhile read.

I personally like giving away copies of my books. I’m at the point where sharing or spreading a few pleasant hours with others means more to me than selling. After all, I write because I enjoy it—despite hours of work and the inevitable anxieties.

Hello, My Love
Hello, My Love

So, I’m giving away 200 free ebooks in exchange for sharing it on your social media. Go grab Hello, My Love at Bookgrabbrs. If you already have a copy, tell your friends about it. This is surely a book to tuck into around Valentine’s day.

iRead book touriRead Book Tours, the group handling this giveaway, has also offered the two subsequent books in the series for free previews: Hello, Agnieszka and Welcome, Reluctant Stranger. I think they may be planning to offer them for free at a later time.

Other promotions are on tap, including Amazon gift cards. Stay tuned.

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