Celebrate Summer Love: Free eBooks 

Why not celebrate Summer Love? With a few good eBooks, of course. All free on My  Book Cave

Even if you’re one of those love atheists who believe love does not exist, but is merely a veneer for sexual desire, you could curl up on a hammock or stretch out on the beach with one or all of these eBooks. And maybe like Monsieur Àlain Badiou, greatest living French philosopher, according to his compatriots, you just might believe in love.

Monsieur Badiou begs to differ with love atheists, of course. He says a sexual encounter is not love.

What, then, is love?

First of all, he asserts love is a two-way relationship, whereas sex focuses on the self (essentially, a selfish/Narcissistic act). Lust can become love when one says, “I love you.” But only if the meeting between the couple changes how each one views and interacts with his/her world. This change is critical to turning lust into love. That’s not all, however. A relationship must also endure the test of time. At that point, Badiou thinks “Love proves itself by permeating desire.” That is, what he calls the “ritual of bodies” becomes the physical expression of love.

The thing is Monsieur Badiou’s views may be old-fashioned, even outdated in our modern technological world. In current surveys, those who measure love use sexual performance as their behavioral index. In other words, they assume the modern man or woman thinks love equals sex.

It isn’t hard to counter this modern view and prove Monsieur Badiou’s wisdom. At least two scientists have devoted their research to explaining love. 

Isn’t it reassuring to learn love does exist beyond the flutter in your heart, the blush on your cheeks, the catching of your breath, and all those other ways your body shows lust? Or a panic attack. Yes, all these lust symptoms also appear in panic attacks. How to tell the difference? Maybe, the summer love eBooks can clue you in. So dive in and enjoy some titillating moments at our Summer Love Fest.

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