Two Chances for a $50 Giveaway and Free Ebooks

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Where would we be without love? So, join us to celebrate this month of love with two chances to win ebooks and gift cards: Chance #1 From the Heart ebook and $50 gift card giveaway: Forty-five ebooks are on offer … Continued

Inner-Directed Heroines: Paying Homage to Austen and Gaskell

I sometimes feel like an anachronism because I prefer inner-directed characters. Characters I’m more likely to find in the classics. I also tend to be more moved by the prose and stories of classic writers. With some exceptions, for sure. … Continued

Silent Song Coming to Life by Jaci Wheeler

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Many authors I know pull from events or people from their own lives for inspiration or storyline. I’ve never been that way personally. I’m an extremely private person by nature, so its very unusual for me to use any of … Continued

White Tea In The Gourmet Ghetto

My latest novel, Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies takes place in a diverse area of big and little treasures to entice your stomach and your heart. Today, I’m sampling white tea. I take my husband to his dance … Continued

Crime Fiction About An Undercover Cop By a Former Undercover Cop

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  Crime Fiction About An Undercover Cop By a Former Undercover Cop is roughly how the blurb goes on the Amazon listing for my latest book Who The F*ck Am I?. The title may be a tad controversial to some, … Continued

Dear Romantically Diffident: Resurrect Romance. You’ll be happier.

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Some years ago, to learn how to use Windows Movie Maker, I borrowed movie clips and music that I cobbled together for some sort of makeshift music video. Stripped of other scenes and selected for their relevance to the music … Continued

How Do I Love Paris? Let Me Count The Ways

I love Paris. Don’t you? My fascination with it compelled me to set two short stories in Brief Encounters with Solitary Souls in Paris. In my last post I refer to one of them. That story is not entirely fiction. … Continued

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