Kindle Scout Campaign Day 22 : Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies

So, my Kindle Scout Campaign Day 22 is here.

Sugar and Spies and All Those Lies: Kindle Scout campaign Day 22

It’s Kindle Scout Campaign Day 22. Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies was in “Hot and Trending” for nine days. Then, it wasn’t. But it’s been back on H &T for the last six days. What this means, I’m not quite sure. I think the KS site only tells you how many nominations you get when the campaign is over.

Most of my page views, about 7,000 by now, are organic (85%). By that, I mean views from Kindle Scout browsers who click on the book when they see it on the KS home page. But views aren’t nominations. Will number of views make a difference? Who knows?

Amazon is famous for not sharing its “algorithms” for whatever it is they do. I can actually understand that. People may “game the system” if they can decipher those secret formulas.

Seven thousand (and counting) pairs of eyes are nothing to sneeze at. At least, they know the manuscript exists. If the book isn’t selected, Amazon will inform those who voted (“Nominate Me” button) when I publish the book. I will give free copies to those who nominated the book if they send me a message via this site’s contact form.

If you voted for the book, you can enter a Facebook Giveaway here. If you haven’t voted, you still have time to do so at the campaign site

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