Brief Encounters with Solitary Souls

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Brief Encounters with Solitary Souls is the title of the new book I’m preparing to publish. It’s a short book of short stories. Word for word, the stories in this book have taken me longer to write than my novels. … Continued

Court Your Love With A Serenade

It’s Valentine or maybe you’ve just begun a-courting. Serenade or champagne? Would you take Honoré de Balzac‘s word for it? Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane. That works. But, maybe, only where you can get champagne. … Continued

Words. Sometimes, Like Daggers

Words. We’re inundated with them. From friends and loved ones. From strangers. From the constant assault of media. And from words that churn around in our heads—as they do a lot in writers. Or in some people afflicted with certain … Continued

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